~9.5 million views of GeoShred Videos

Views Date Title Source URL
1,200,000 5/16/16 Game of Thrones Mahesh Raghvan FB Link
1,100,000 3/7/16 Here is a cool video I did using GeoShred at the Stockholm venue before soundcheck! Jordan FB Link
916,189 5/16/16 Game of Thrones Mahesh Raghvan YouTube Link
400,451 8/24/16 Friends Mahesh Raghvan YouTube Link
249,000 11/13/16 Leon Russel Tribute Jordan FB Link
218,000 12/31/15 Happy New Year from Jordan Rudess Jordan FB Link
166,000 6/1/16 Carried With The Wind by Jordan Rudess. All performed on iPad using GeoShred and GarageBand Jordan FB Link
159,817 6/25/16 Sherlock Mahesh Raghvan YouTube Link
156,000 12/31/15 Wizdom music unleashes GeoShred, a wonderfully expressive new musical instrument for the iPad. Jordan FB Link
156,000 11/13/15 Adel Mahesh Raghvan FB Link
146,000 12/3/15 I created this song in honor of my beautiful wife Danielle’s birthday Jordan FB Link
145,000 11/11/16 HALLELUJIA. A tribute to the great Leonard Cohen Jordan FB Link
123,000 8/25/16 My friend Mahesh Raghvan rocks the FRIENDS (TV Show) theme on my very own iPad instrument- GeoShred Jordan FB Link
101,000 12/17/16 Jordan Rudess performs Chopin’s Em Prelude in the snow on Jordan FB Link
87,000 6/7/16 The CRAZIEST RIFFS EVE Jordan FB Link
76,000 12/20/15 The Shred Awakens with Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater’s new ground breaking app for iPad Jordan FB Link
72,000 5/2/15 Wizdom Music’s GeoShred app for iOS is turning into a seriously incredible expressive instrument Jordan FB Link
70,000 2/25/15 Jamming after rehearsal Jordan FB Link
70,000 1/3/17 Shrelock Theme Mahesh Raghvan FB Link
69,000 3/3/16 GeoShred Jammin in Germany. Jordan FB Link
64,000 11/17/15 GeoShred keeps getting cooler and cooler Jordan FB Link
63,000 10/30/16 The extreme magic of HLO S.A’s PlayGround with Wizdom’s GeoShred Jordan FB Link
59,000 10/1/15 And when we are not jamming on piano we rock out on some GeoShred Jordan FB Link
57,000 7/25/16 The future of Shredding Jordan FB Link
56,000 3/22/15 Geo Shred will be Wizdom Music’s next iOS release Jordan FB Link
54,979 11/7/16 Pirates of the Caribean Mahesh Raghvan YouTube Link
54,000 5/2/16 GeoShred hotel room jamming Jordan FB Link
53,000 8/13/16 Live from Studio B The piano room Jordan FB Link
52,000 12/12/15 Just plain fun as I filmed with one hand and played with the other Jordan FB Link
51,000 5/15/16 Joining the TITAN of talent, Uri Nieto for our cover version of Anathema’s The Beginning and the End. Jordan FB Link
49,000 6/23/16 Here is a musical moment from my dressing room in Rio. Jordan FB Link
48,000 12/4/15 We are getting so close to releasing GeoShred Jordan FB Link
47,000 8/13/15 Live improvisation session Jordan FB Link
45,461 4/27/16 Govardhana Giridara Mahesh Raghvan YouTube Link
44,000 5/14/16 Greetings Mr. Fripp Jordan FB Link
42,347 12/25/15 Star Wars Mahesh Raghvan YouTube Link
42,000 11/24/15 Short and sweet improv Jordan FB Link
42,000 12/7/15 GeoShred for iPad. Coming Christmas 2015 Jordan FB Link
41,000 7/23/15 Here is my new version of Happy Birthday, Jordan FB Link
37,844 12/22/16 Jingle Bells Mahesh Raghvan YouTube Link
37,000 4/16/16 Forest Spirit- composed and performed by Jordan Rudess on GeoShred Jordan FB Link
37,000 6/28/16 Backstage with a special guest at Luna Park in Argentina! Jordan FB Link
37,000 7/4/16 Here is my Hendrix inspired Star Spangled Banner Jordan FB Link
37,000 11/19/16 The greatest thing to happen to fretless instruments since the violin! GeoShred for iPad Jordan FB Link
35,000 4/1/15 GeoShred becomes more intense every day Jordan FB Link
34,588 12/18/15 Jordan Rudess & GeoShred – Ode to the Joy of Shred Jordan YouTube Link
34,000 7/13/16 Jordan Rudess Live Jordan FB Link
33,000 7/1/16 GeoShred on the iPad is the coolest instrument for playing leads! Jordan FB Link
32,321 12/16/15 GeoShred Warm Accoustic Jordan YouTube Link
31,000 8/12/16 Live at home Jordan FB Link
31,000 11/25/16 For Thanksgiving I was visited by #mysteryman and his guita Jordan FB Link
30,925 1/9/15 Carnatic Music Mahesh Raghvan YouTube Link
30,000 12/3/16 I created this arrangement of “The Prayer” for my wife Danielle on her Birthday, which is today, Jordan FB Link
29,000 6/24/16 Here is a song I wrote for my precious wife Danielle Jordan FB Link
28,106 4/25/16 Jordan Rudess – Tribute To Prince Jordan YouTube Link
28,000 1/26/16 A really cool arrangement by Zlatko Jimmy Kresic for piano and GeoShred played as a duet by himself Jordan FB Link
28,000 3/19/16 In my dressing room 15 minutes before the Italian show Jordan FB Link
27,000 5/17/16 Enjoying a late night ethnic vibe with GeoShred Midi (beta) Jordan FB Link
26,000 2/12/16 Jordan Rudess uses GeoShred to discuss and demonstrate the control of pitch! Jordan FB Link
26,000 7/2/16 Hanging with Jordan live from Santiago! Jordan FB Link
26,000 11/19/16 Aftershow GeoShred improv. Jordan FB Link
25,000 8/3/16 Day off Jordan FB Link
24,000 11/29/16 Cyber Monday extension Join Jordan live jamming GeoShred for iPad Jordan FB Link
23,000 4/26/16 At the beautiful Palace Theater in Greensburg! Jordan FB Link
20,000 12/27/15 There is just nothing like playing the Blues on GeoShred Jordan FB Link
19,000 12/26/15 Christmas Time is Here- played on GeoShred. Jordan FB Link
19,000 11/19/16 Backstage in Reno dressing room with grand piano and GeoShred Jordan FB Link
19,000 12/30/15 Star Wars Mahesh Raghvan FB Link
18,000 1/21/16 Jordan Rudess Marco Parisi and Eren Basbug playing the GeoShred iPad instrument through Bluetooth MIDI from the ROLI Seaboard Rise Jordan FB Link
17,106 5/10/16 Learn How to play GeoShred Jordan YouTube Link
17,000 11/18/16 While my dear friend Mahesh Raghvan plays late night GeoShred and XKey improvs in the far away land of Dubai, I follow suit and do the same! Jordan FB Link
16,176 12/20/15 Jordan Rudess & GeoShred The Shred Awakens Jordan YouTube Link
16,000 1/24/16 Check out Zlatko Jimmy Kresic playing Norwegian Wood in the style of Jeff Back Jordan FB Link
16,000 10/7/16 ee the latest sonic madness that we are working on at Wizdom Music! Jordan FB Link
15,000 12/18/15 Have you checked out GeoShred yet?? Jordan FB Link
15,000 3/9/16 Showcasing the Total Rock 5ths patch Jordan FB Link
15,000 5/21/16 Take it to the next level with GeoShred. Jordan FB Link
14,464 12/23/16 Jordan Rudess performs Greensleeves Jordan YouTube Link
13,739 12/16/15 Star Spangled GeoShred Jordan YouTube Link
12,585 12/16/15 GeoShred App Preview (longer) moForte YouTube Link
12,000 5/10/16 LEARN HOW TO PLAY GEOSHRED Jordan FB Link
11,294 4/18/15 Geo Shred Demo Reel 4/15/2015 moForte YouTube Link
11,054 1/4/16 GeoShred Overview Jordan YouTube Link
11,000 11/27/16 Get ready for major Wizdom Music love on Cyber Monday Jordan FB Link
10,509 6/7/16 The CRAZIEST RIFFS EVER on GeoShred Jordan YouTube Link
10,456 1/24/16 Norwegian Wood by Jimmy G using GeoShred Jordan YouTube Link
10,000 12/6/15 Garage Band on the iPad using Inter-App audio Jordan FB Link
9,900 12/17/15 Rock like crazy with GeoShred for iPad Jordan FB Link
9,136 3/16/16 Homage to Sir George Jordan YouTube Link
8,700 1/5/17 Kehna Hi Kya / Kannalane Mahesh Raghvan FB Link
8,165 5/14/16 Greetings Mr. Fripp Jordan YouTube Link
8,100 2/23/16 Showcasing The Classical Acoustic Patch Jordan FB Link
7,900 1/9/16 Jordan Rudess showcases the Fripper Finger Swell patch Jordan FB Link
7,900 1/2/16 Once again, here is the amazing Zlatko Jimmy Kresic performing Marta’s Dance from River Dance Jordan FB Link
7,836 12/16/15 Geo Shred Tutorial (old) moForte YouTube Link
7,200 2/16/16 Jordan Rudess showcases the Lead Echo Wah patch Jordan FB Link
6,900 11/28/16 Get ready for major Wizdom Music love on Cyber Monday Jordan FB Link
6,800 12/22/15 Rock like crazy with GeoShred for iPad Jordan FB Link
6,437 5/7/16 JR Stockholm GeoShred Demo Jordan YouTube Link
6,400 12/30/15 Wizdom music unleashes GeoShred, a wonderfully expressive new musical instrument for the iPad. Jordan FB Link
6,400 11/7/16 Pirates of the Caribean Mahesh Raghvan FB Link
6,079 2/29/16 EUROPA – Performed by Diego Tejeida of Haken using GeoShred moForte YouTube Link
5,776 5/15/16 The Beginning And The End Jordan YouTube Link
5,148 6/2/16 Carried With The Wind Jordan YouTube Link
4,889 4/16/16 Jordan Rudess – Forest Song Jordan YouTube Link
4,800 12/22/16 Jingle Bells Mahesh Raghvan FB Link
4,683 1/31/16 GeoShred Patch Showcase : Petrucci Finger Swel Jordan YouTube Link
4,680 3/7/16 Within You Without You – Kashyap Iyengar (Using GeoShred) moForte YouTube Link
4,400 1/31/16 Showcasing the Petrucci Finger Swell patch Jordan FB Link
4,341 12/26/15 Jordan Rudess & GeoShred – Christmas Time is Here Jordan YouTube Link
4,300 11/17/16 late night solo jam sessions on the Raaga Behag Mahesh Raghvan FB Link
4,141 3/11/16 GeoShred App Preview moForte YouTube Link
4,028 12/31/16 Happy New Year From Jordan Rudess Jordan YouTube Link
3,900 2/9/16 Check out this acoustic guitar sound that has unusually beautiful sustain. Jordan FB Link
3,779 8/2/16 Jordan Rudess and Steve Porcaro Jamming with GeoShred and a Roli Seaboard moForte YouTube Link
3,626 3/9/16 GeoShred Patch Showcase : Total Rock 5ths Jordan YouTube Link
3,600 1/28/16 Showcasing the Shred Lead patch included with GeoShred from Wizdom Music and moForte.com. Jordan FB Link
3,367 6/24/16 Jordan Rudess – Para Voce, Meu Coracao Jordan YouTube Link
3,000 11/26/16 This week’s late night GeoShred and XKey Raaga Jam Mahesh Raghvan FB Link
2,900 1/19/16 Showcasing the Nasty Boy patch included with GeoShred from Wizdom Music and moForte.com Jordan FB Link
2,835 1/4/16 GeoShred : Physical Modeling, Part 1 Jordan YouTube Link
2,736 10/14/16 GeoShred MIDI/MPE! Asia Dreaming Voiced For Roli Rise moForte YouTube Link
2,713 2/12/16 The Control Of Pitch Jordan YouTube Link
2,602 1/26/16 White Keys GeoShred Jordan YouTube Link
2,586 1/12/16 GeoShred Patch Showcase : Beckish Jordan YouTube Link
2,390 2/23/16 GeoShred Patch Showcase : Classical Acoustic Jordan YouTube Link
2,197 2/16/16 GeoShred Patch Showcase : Lead Echo Wah Jordan YouTube Link
2,150 1/4/16 GeoShred : Strumming and Arpeggiation Jordan YouTube Link
2,051 1/4/16 GeoShred : Effects Jordan YouTube Link
2,045 1/28/16 GeoShred Patch Showcase : Shred Lead Jordan YouTube Link
1,997 1/5/17 Diego Tejeida, “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”. moForte YouTube Link
1,977 2/9/16 GeoShred Patch Showcase : Acoustic Feedback Jordan YouTube Link
1,919 1/4/16 GeoShred : The Playing Surface Jordan YouTube Link
1,885 12/22/15 GeoShred App Preview short Jordan YouTube Link
1,882 1/4/16 GeoShred : Key Step Curves Jordan YouTube Link
1,846 12/28/15 GeoShred Tutorial Full (Latest) moForte YouTube Link
1,838 1/9/16 GeoShred Patch Showcase : Fripper Finger Swell Jordan YouTube Link
1,803 8/16/15 Three Artists Mahesh Raghvan YouTube Link
1,747 12/21/16 GeoShred Version 2, MIDI and MPE moForte YouTube Link
1,501 1/2/16 GeoShred Application Note #2 moForte YouTube Link
1,467 8/8/16 Jimmy Kresic, “Cause we ended as Lovers” by Jeff Beck moForte YouTube Link
1,297 1/4/16 GeoShred : Physical Modeling, Part 2 Jordan YouTube Link
1,255 1/4/16 GeoShred : Effect Modulation Jordan YouTube Link
999 1/19/16 GeoShred Patch Showcase : Nasty Boy Jordan YouTube Link
945 1/4/16 GeoShred : Variances Jordan YouTube Link
912 1/2/16 GeoShred Application Note #1 moForte YouTube Link
820 3/9/16 Jordan Rudess Explains GeoShred at NAMM 2016 moForte YouTube Link
689 11/12/15 Geo Shred – Wizdom Music/moForte SFMT moForte YouTube Link
660 12/21/15 GeoShred App Preview (short) moForte YouTube Link
603 12/21/16 GeoShred, Roli Seaboard 49 Demo Number 1 moForte YouTube Link
509 12/21/16 GeoShred, Roli Seaboard 49 Demo with Jordan Rudess moForte YouTube Link
470 12/28/15 1 Geo Shred Tutorial Performance Area (Latest) moForte YouTube Link
421 12/21/16 GeoShred, Roli Seaboard 49 Demo Number 2 moForte YouTube Link
421 12/9/16 GeoShred Tutorial (Beta) moForte YouTube Link
393 12/28/15 3 GeoShred Tutorial Physical Model (Latest) moForte YouTube Link
384 12/16/15 0 – Geo Shred Tutorial Overview (old) moForte YouTube Link
376 12/16/15 1 – Geo Shred Tutorial Performance (old) moForte YouTube Link
358 12/23/15 GeoShred Holiday Ambiance moForte YouTube Link
352 12/28/15 0 GeoShred Tutorial Overview (Latest) moForte YouTube Link
328 12/28/15 4 GeoShred Performance Controls (Latest) moForte YouTube Link
319 12/28/15 5 Geo Shred Tutorial Control Surface Editor (Latest) moForte YouTube Link
287 12/16/15 2 – Geo Shred Tutorial Presets (old) moForte YouTube Link
278 12/16/15 3 – Geo Shred Tutorial Control (old) moForte YouTube Link
269 12/28/15 2 GeoShred Tutorial Preset Editor (Latest) moForte YouTube Link
241 12/28/15 7 GeoShred Tutorial Help and Settings (Latest) moForte YouTube Link
212 12/28/15 6 GeoShred Tutorial Setlists (Latest) moForte YouTube Link
56 8/10/15 Geo Shred Beta 1 moForte YouTube Link