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moForte has partnered with Wizdom Music to introduce GeoShred which is a fusion of Wizdom's Geo Synthesizer user interface and moForte's powerful modeled guitar and effects chain.

• Unique isomorphic playing surface
• 2-D expression pad
• Octave and pitch rounding
• Modeled guitar
• Modeled feedback/distortion
• Modeled effects chain
• Powerful preset editor
• Share presets with friends
• Mono mode using up to 6 strings.

GeoShred ... modeled guitar and beyond.


PowerStomp (Fall 2016) moForte's modeled effects chain.

• No in-apps
• Low latency effects chain
• iPad or iPhone
• Modeled effects
• Modeled Distortions
• Modeled Wah
• Mono and stereo effects
• Supports low cost interface cable
• Supports BlueTooth and MIDI pedals.

PowerStomp, your gear in your palm.

moForte Guitar

moForte Guitar is a virtual guitar based on physical modeling technology

• Play by Strumming, Finger Picking or PowerChord-ing
• Modeled harmonics
• Modeled string scraping
• Modeled feedback/distortion
• Full Effects Chain
• Auto-performs for accompaniment
• Create your own charts
• Share performances with friends
• Store for in-app-purchases

Free in the iTunes App Store!


"Sheet Wow" - Guy at NAMM show
"Feedback and distortion very unique for an guitar app! [sic]" - gstring9
"Awesome guitar simulation" - inabut
"This guitar rocks" - isamusanyc14
“No one has done this yet!” - Heard at NAMM

We are working toward making moForte's audio modeling products amongst the best in the world. Please drop us a note with your ideas so that we can consider them for future releases.


MIDI/MPE is coming ...