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GeoShred MIDI

moForte and Wizdom Music introduce GeoShred MIDI, an exciting update to the award-winning GeoShred musical instrument for iPad, now with MIDI/MPE support.

• Fluidly expressive isomorphic playing surface
• Physically Modeled Guitar
• MIDI IN/OUT and MPE support
• WiFi and BlueTooth MIDI
• MIDI configuration presets
• Customizable control surface
• Modeled feedback and VCF effects
• Modeled effects chain
• Powerful preset editor
• Looper and multi-tap echo
• Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support
• Finger vibrato, slide and fret scraping
• Mono mode using up to 6 strings.
• Built in Arpeggiator
• Alternative tunings
• Intelligent pitch rounding
• Share presets with friends

GeoShred MIDI ... modeled guitar and beyond.

GeoShred Props

“...one of the most innovative, groundbreaking products to emerge in the past twelve months” - Electronic Musician, 2017 Editor's Choice Award
"GeoShred is brilliant- it’s a real instrument." - Eddie Jobson
“A fantastic new invention which is going to revolutionize the way music is played, expressed and learned! “GeoShred” is one of the foremost best musical inventions I’ve had the pleasure to experience in recent years. Definitely 5 stars out of 5! GIGANTASTIVISSIMO…..R…A…Z !!!!!” - Patrick Moraz
"That’s just nuts. You’re [Jordan] the best-guitarist-without-a-guitar of all time" - Joe Satriani
"GeoShred is a breakthrough [musical instrument] for the iPad. Some might think it’s the best evidence yet that there has indeed been reverse engineering of alien technology, but if that’s the case, then aliens play guitar…and worship Jimi Hendrix.” - Craig Anderton, Harmony Central
"Geoshred is a completely innovative music instrument that has become an essential tool for me in both worlds; on stage and in the studio. The quality, flexibility, expressibility and reliability of Geoshred have made it my go-to (and admittedly must used) iOS music app!" - Diego Tejeida, Haken


PowerStomp (Spring 2017) moForte's modeled effects chain.

• No in-apps
• Low latency effects chain
• iPad or iPhone
• Modeled effects
• Modeled Distortions
• Modeled Wah
• Mono and stereo effects
• Supports low cost interface cable
• Supports BlueTooth and MIDI pedals.

PowerStomp, your gear in your palm.

moForte Guitar

moForte Guitar is a virtual guitar based on physical modeling technology

• Play by Strumming, Finger Picking or PowerChord-ing
• Modeled harmonics
• Modeled string scraping
• Modeled feedback/distortion
• Full Effects Chain
• Auto-performs for accompaniment
• Create your own charts
• Share performances with friends
• Store for in-app-purchases

$4.99 USD in the iTunes App Store!