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The Guitar consists of six physically modeled strings (nylon to steel), three body resonances, two pickups (single or double coil), guitar/sitar/tambura bridges, and other added features.



The Instrument pop-over menu selects one of four pickup configurations, solid versus hollow body, and nylon versus steel strings. When a Body is included, there are three body resonances that can be configured on the Body tab (to the right of the Guitar tab). The Nylon versus Steel parameter can be adjusted under the adjacent Strings tab.

Common Group


Guitar Volume is applied before any distortion and before all effects in the Effects Chain. It is like the volume knob for a pickup on your guitar.

Fine Tune

Deviation from standard pitch, up to a semitone above or below

Course Tune

Pitch transposition of all strings in semitones. Use Fine Tune above for tuning within a semitone.

See Performance > Keyboard in the Help for the Perform effect for how to set different guitar tunings in terms of the standard pitch names.

Common Group Expert

Velocity Override Enable (Expert)

Note On Velocity in GeoShred can be set 3 ways.

Some presets work best when the velocity is the max velocity. For instance Swell presets should be excited at the max velocity and leave the volume control to whatever is controlling the swell. For these types of presets its possible to override the velocity using Velocity Override Enable. The override value is set with Velocity Override.

Velocity Override (Expert)

Override value for velocity if Velocity Override Enable is set.

Whammy (semitones) (Expert)

Whammy is used for pitchBend Control. Its always mapped to the control surface as a slider called "Whammy" and its not intended to be modified in the preset.

Whammy Portamento Time (sec) (Expert)

Whammy Portamento Time is in seconds and can be used to change the portamento on the Whammy control that is on the control surface.

Note On Portamento Time (sec) (Expert)

Note On Portamento Time is in seconds and can be used to portamento between successive notes on the same string. It has a small default value that is used to minimize clicks between successive notes on the same string.

Finger Pitch Bend Portamento Time (sec) (Expert)

Finger Pitch Bend Portamento time is used to set a portamento when finger sliding between notes on the same string.

Vibrato Group

Vibrato is normally applied using left-right "finger wobble" on a Key while playing. The automated Vibrato specified here can be useful for arpeggiated sequences, and for wild, beyond-physical behavior.


Vibrato frequency in Hz - performable


Vibrato amplitude or excursion - how far the frequency deviates from its starting position - performable


Lag is the delay in seconds between when a note begins and the vibrato begins

Lag Attack (Expert)

Lag is the delay in seconds between when a note begins and the automatic vibrato begins (if any). Lag Attack is the time in seconds it takes for the vibrato to reach its full Depth after that.

Master Rate

Turn on the Master Rate button to slave the Vibrato Rate to the system-wide Master Rate multiplied by the selected scale factor from the pop-over list below the button