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Enable iCloud Drive

Enable iCloud Drive

Enable Edit Shortcuts [PRO]

Enable a pair of shortcut icons under the menu button for the Preset Editor and the Control Surface editor.

Disable Finger Effects

Turn off the animated finger effects when touching keys.

Disable Same Notes

Turn off display of the same notes on other strings.

Disable Mini CS Switching

Lock the '^' used to toggle the Mini Control Surface

Enable MIDI I/O Button [PRO]

Enable a small button in the lower right for switching between MIDI In/Out

Enable Voicing Limiter [PRO]

Enable the Voicing Limiter, which guards against accidental loud sounds common when experimenting with parameters while voicing a preset. Not intended for performance. There is already a built-in limiter at the final audio output.

Knob Behavior

Set how knobs behave. Either Horizontal (default), Vertical or Rotary

Slider Color

Change the color of sliders

Inspector Background [PRO][Control]

Change the background for inspectors

Keyboard Layout

Configure how Keyboard layout is configured. Specifically this means the number of strings and number of frets. "Preset" means that the keyboard layout is defined in the preset. "Device" means that they keyboard layout is based on the device, but may be modified for what is best for the device. "Global" allows you to set a global keyboard layout that applies to all presets.

Note Name Font

Note Name Font can be used to globally chose the font used to display note names throughout the system. The default are Western Note Names. Svara allows for the notes to be displayed in as Svara intervals from South Asian Music. A number of other East Asian fonts are supported.


Configure the current Scale/Root/Temperament used for the keyboard. "Preset" means that the Scale/Root/Temperament is defined in the preset. "Global" allows you to set a global Scale/Root/Temperament that applies to all presets.


Coarse Tune

Configure the Coarse Tuning (transpose) in semitones (+/- 12). "Preset" means that the Coarse Tuning is defined in the preset under Menu > Model & FX > Guitar > Common > Coarse Tuning. "Global" allows you to set a global Coarse Tuning that applies to all presets.

Fine Tuning

Configure the Fine Tuning in cents (+/-100). "Preset" means that the Fine Tuning is defined in the preset under Menu > Model & FX > Guitar > Common > Fine Tuning. "Global" allows you to set a global Fine Tuning that applies to all presets. A number of common concert pitches may be selected from a drop down. For instance A440, A432, A420, et al.


Select audio latency. Higher latency can minimize clicks. Enable Background Audio. This is on by default. Turning off background audio will improve battery life, but audio will not be processed when the GeoShred is in the background.

Enable/Disable 3D Touch [PRO][Control]

3D Touch allows control of note Velocity and Pressure on devices that support 3D touch (mostly newer iPhones).

3D Touch Velocity/3D Touch Pressure

These menu items provide an editable "Curve" for configuring 3D Touch behavior for velocity and pressure. 3D touch velocity is passed to MIDI as Note On velocity. 3D touch pressure is passed to MIDI as channel pressure.

Enable/Disable Key Y Touch [PRO][Control]

For devices that don't support 3D touch, velocity can be set with the Key Y position. Typically the bottom of the key is low velocity and the top is high velocity. This behavior can be modified with the Key Y Velocity Curve.

Key Y Velocity

This menu item provides an editable "Curve" for configuring Key Y Touch behavior for velocity. Key Y velocity is passed to MIDI as Note On velocity.

Air Turn [PRO][Control]

Configure support for an Air Turn page turning pedal. The Air Turn Pedal can be used to step forward and backward through presets in the current setlist.


Experimental support for the expression pad to send MIDI controls for an Ambisonic Plugin.

Reset Warnings [PRO][Control]

Reset all "Don't ask me again" warnings.