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Setlists brings up an inspector used to create and manage setlists.

Every preset in GeoShred, regardless of Factory or User, appears in the special setlist "All Presets". A setlist is a collection of references to presets in the "All Presets" setlist. The list of setlists is partitioned between User setlists which can be created or modified, and Factory setlists which cannot be modified

A common use case would be to create a setlist of presets for a certain song, or even for a whole set. For instance a song might use three different presets, in a particular sequence, with a repeating cycle. Presets can be referenced multiple times in a setlist. Thus a setlist might look something like: Preset1, Preset2, Preset3, Preset2, Preset3, Preset1.

+ Button

The '+' button is used to create and name a new setlist. After that, you will be in the context of the new setlist, and the '+' button can be used to add presets from "All Presets" into the current setlist. Multi-select is supported. The "Edit" button provides Delete, Copy and Move operators for the presets in the setlist.


The "Edit" button at the "List of Setlists" level provides Delete, Copy and Move and "Edit the setlist" operators. Factory Presets may only be copied and not Deleted, Moved or Edited.