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Parameter Automation

Parameter automation in Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) refers to the process of automatically controlling and varying the parameters of audio effects or synthesizers over time within a project, allowing for dynamic changes in sound without manual intervention.

The current version of GeoShred supports parameter automation, but previous versions did not.

On iOS, by default, parameter automation is disabled so old DAW projects can be read.

In order to enable parameter automation in old projects, open the project, then go to Menu -> Global Settings and select "Enable Automation".

After doing that, save the DAW project, re-open it, and then automation parameters will be available.

We strongly suggest you open any old DAW projects with automation disabled, then enable automation and reopen them as described above, especially if you intend on moving them back and forth to macOS.

IMPORTANT: Be consistent about the way you turn on and off automation - if you make an error DAW projects might not open. If this happens, just toggle the automation setting in the standalone app, restart your AUv3 host and the problem should go away.

Why do I have to worry about this?

The AUv3 plugin format (and perhaps others) demand a static collection of automation parameters that can never change over time. This is the way the the format was defined, so GeoShred cannot do much about except try to future proof, which we did do in the current version of GeoShred, but did not in the previous version.

Unfortunately there is no easy solution to this problem. Please contact support if you have any questions.