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The Control Surface is a bank of Controls which drive the most important performance parameters for each Preset. Available Controls include Buttons, Sliders, Knobs, and the 2D Expression Pad.

In GeoShred, parameters such as Volume or Whammy, are called Controllers. Each Control on the Control Surface can drive any number of Controllers. Thus, a Control is like a "meta-controller" (Logic Pro X uses the term "smart control" for this concept). Each Controller, in turn, controls some specific synthesis or effect parameter. Controllers available for assignment to Controls on the Control Surface vary depending on the Effects in use by the current Preset.

To the right of the Expression Pad, the Control Surface offers seven column slots that can be populated with the following Control types:

There are some similarities in the layout of the Control Surface for all the factory presets. There is almost always a Whammy Slider, there is almost always an Amplifier Volume Slider, there is often a Vibrato Depth, and there is often a Palm Mute slider, but in general the factory presets have different Control Surface layouts.

The Control Surface Editor also supports configuring the Expression Pad, Poly Expr (for KeyY, KeyZ), Key Step control and Key Num control

Performing the Control Surface

Move each control on the Control Surface and see what effect it has on the sound. You can touch and move multiple controls and multiple keys on the keyboard at the same time.

Editing the Control Surface

The Control Surface has a powerful editor that supports adding, modifying properties, moving, and deleting controls. You can edit the Control Surface on factory presets. MIDI assignments, for both sending and receiving, are also supported. Multiple MIDI Controllers can be associated with any given Control.

Menu > Control Surface gets you to the Control Surface Editor. The menu shortcut to the Control Surface Editor can be turned on from Settings.

About Controls

Example 1: deleting/adding controls

Example 2: Specifying MIDI mappings

Example 3: Multiple GeoShred Controllers and multiple MIDI Controllers.

Example 4: Poly Expr partitioned between KeyY/KeyZ and CC74/Brightness.