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GeoShred Control is a stand-alone MIDI/MPE controller. It does NOT have a Sound Engine, but can be upgraded to the functionality of GeoShred Pro.

GeoShred Control can be upgraded to all the features of GeoShred Pro: preset editing, MIDI/MPE, the AUv3 plugin and setlist editing as well as the GeoSWAM and Naada Instruments. Check out the store under "Menu > Store" for all the great upgrades!

About GeoShred 6

Thank you for your support and interest in GeoShred 6 which includes In-App-Purchases (IAPs) for the GeoSWAM and Naada Instruments.

Here is some information to help you get started:

Getting Started with the GeoSWAM Instruments

Getting Started with the Naada Instruments

About the GeoSWAM and Naada Instruments

GeoShred's Stomp Boxes and Control Effects [PRO]

Getting Help

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