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GeoSWAM physical model of a Viola.

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Volume for the Viola Model.

Bow Lift

Selects the starting/ending state of the bow. Note, this parameter acts mainly on the release, stopping the vibration of the string when it is set to "On String" (value=1).

It also acts slightly on the attack, but if you want to obtain a scratchy sound you should act on the velocity and on the bow pressure.

Off String (value=0): the bow does not touch the string.

On String (value=1): the bow touches the string.

Bow Position

Distance from the bridge where the string is bowed.

Bow Pressure

How hard the bow is pressed into the string during bowing.

Vibrato Amount

Amount of vibrato.


Expression control when bowing. Note that Expression can only be mapped to Channel Pressure (Channel Atertouch).


Tremolo control when bowing.


Excite different harmonics when bowing.


Portamento between low velocity legato notes.

Portamento Enable

Enable/disable Portamento

Velocity Override

Control to override velocity so that velocity can be assigned to a slider/MIDI CC

Velocity Override Enable

Enable/disable Velocity Override