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GeoBass Trombone

GeoSWAM physical model of an Bass Trombone.

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Volume for the Bass Trombone Model.


Growl when the reed is excited.

Growl Enable

Enable/disable Growl

Flutter Tongue

Tongue flutter when the reed is excited.

Flutter Tongue Enable

Enable/disable flutter tongue

Vibrato Amount

Amount of vibrato.


Expression control when blown. Note that Expression can only be mapped to Channel Pressure (Channel Atertouch).

Smooth Glid

Enables smooth gliding


A 5 way mutex for mutes: None, Straight, Harmonic, Cup and Hand.


Portamento between low velocity legato notes.

Portamento Enable

Enable/disable Portamento

Velocity Override

Control to override velocity so that velocity can be assigned to a slider/MIDI CC

Velocity Override Enable

Enable/disable Velocity Override