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Key Step

A Key Step Curve can be applied to any Effect Parameter Controller. Such a Curve defines a value to be added to the current Controller value every time a Key is pressed. When the Key Step Curve reaches the end, it starts over at the beginning.

Key Step Curve Editor (left panel)


The Key Step Curve display shows a graph of the Modified Controller Value versus Step Number

The Modified Controller Value is the sum of the Key Step Curve itself and the current Controller value. Thus, a zero Key Step Curve is displayed as a constant graph equal to the current Controller value. When you change the current value of the Controller using the Slider in the right panel, the displayed Curve will move up and down with it, corresponding to no change in the Key Step Curve itself.

Smooth Button

Pressing the Smooth Button applies a smoothing filter to the Key Step Curve

Reset Button

The Reset Button resets the Key Step curve to zero, resulting in a constant graph equal to the current Controller value

Key Step Curve Editor Controls (right panel)

Value Slider

The Value Slider allows you to set the current Controller value. It will be named for the the particular Controller you are modifying with this Key Step Curve.

Range Slider

The Range Slider sets the Controller Min and Max values.

Number of Steps Slider

Sets the Number of Steps in the repeating Key Step Curve pattern.

Current Step Slider

Select a particular Step in the Key Step Curve. To the left of this Slider is the selected Step Number. To the right is a Text Field showing the current Modified Controller Value, which can be edited by clicking on the Text Field. Out-of-range values are ignored.

Discard Button

Discard edits from the current editing session

Defaults Button

Delete the Key Step Curve and set the Controller Value and Range to Default Values