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Curve Mapping

A Curve Mapping can be applied to any Effect Parameter Controller. Such a Curve maps each input Controller value a new value. Such Curves are often used to adjust a Slider somewhere between Linear and Log or Exponential response.

Curve Mapping Editor (right panel)


The Curve Mapping display shows a graph of the Modified Controller Value versus Controller Value

The Modified Controller Value is the mapping of the current input Controller value according to the Key Number Curve. Thus, the identity Key Number Curve (no change) appears as a 45-degree line.

Smooth Button

Pressing the Smooth Button applies a smoothing filter to the Key Number Curve

Reset Button

The Reset Button resets the Key Number curve to identity map.

Curve Mapping Editor Controls (left panel)

Initial Value In Slider

The Initial Value In Slider allows you to set the current Controller value. It will be named for the the particular Controller you are modifying with this Curve Mapping. As you move along the Curve, the input and output values are displayed in Text Fields below the Curve display in the right panel.

Range Slider

The Range Slider sets the Min and Max for the Value In Slider

Set Value on Release Button

If On, the Controller will be set to the value in the Text Field when a Note is released. This is used for Controllers such as Whammy that want to "snap back" to a particular value, such as zero, when not being manipulated.

Quantize Toggle Button

Setting Quantize causes rounding of the Controller Mapping output to the nearest integer

Flip Toggle Button

Setting Flip inverts the Curve y=f(x) horizontally to y=f(-x) ("left-right flip")

Discard Button

Discard edits from the current editing session, reverting to the state before entering the editor

Curve Toggle Button

Controls display of the Curve Editor

Defaults Button

Delete the Curve Mapping and set the Controller Value and Range to Default Values