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Phat Phase

The phasing effect impresses sweeping notches on the sound spectrum, like the flanger. Each notch is independently created and controlled using an Allpass Filter section. As a result, for a given computational load, there are fewer but more generally controllable notches in the phaser compared to the flanger.



Depth of spectral notches - performable - Depth = 0 means no effect, Depth = 1 means maximum effect (spectral-notch gains go all the way down to zero).


Gain applied to the output signal and then summed with the input signal - performable

Freq Max

Maximum notch frequency

Freq Min

Minimum notch frequency


Interchange notches with the "arches" in between the notches


Frequency of the LFO in Hz that sweeps the notches back and forth - performable

Master Rate

Tie the phaser rate to the system-wide Master Rate multiplied by the selected scale factor from the pop-over list below the button


Ratio of each notch frequency over the one below it - larger Ratios spread out the notches more


Spectral bandwidth of each notch in Hz