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Trail Blazer Echo

The Echo unit creates echoes, as you might expect.



Time between echoes in seconds - performable. Under Expert there is a Delay Glide which controls the response-time when the delay changes, and is also performable.


Warp moves the output delay-line tap at a rate controlled by Glide. It can create temporary "glitching" (low Glide) or Doppler shifts (high Glide) - performable (thanks to Glide)


Scrub is like Warp, but it also stops the delay-line, turning it into a static wavetable. It's like "catching" a record and "scrubbing" it under the pickup needle. Glide controls how fast the Scrub can go. Using Scrub, you can manually move the output tap back and forth over the delay-line contents as if it were a stopped audio tape. - performable (thanks to Delay Glide (Expert)).

Under Expert there is a Scrub Range which can be used to change the range of the scrub.


Glide controls the speed of Delay, Warp, and Scrub. It gives the time to Glide to the next knob setting in seconds. contents. - performable


Amplitude level of echoes relative to the direct signal - performable


Controls the number of echo repetitions between 1 and infinity. - performable


When an echo is fed back to echo again, it is also lowpass filtered according to this parameter. Tone = 0 ("Digital") corresponds to no filtering, while Tone = 1 ("Tape") gives maximum lowpass filtering, like an old magnetic tape.

Start Loop | Lock Loop | Stop Loop

Start Loop starts the recording of a loop. After pressing the green "Start Loop" button, the button turns red and changes to "Lock Loop", meaning that you are now recording into delay memory, but the loop length is not yet defined. Pressing "Lock Loop" establishes the delay loop, which now starts repeating, and the button label changes to "Stop Loop". While the loop is playing, you can play normally with the loop as your accompaniment. Pressing "Stop Loop" stops the looping and returns to normal Echo (non-Looper) operation.

Start Dub | Stop Dub

Start Dub initiates overdubbing on top of the current loop. That is, everything you play is recorded and added into the loop contents. While overdubbing a loop, the button label changes to "Stop Dub", so that pressing it again ends the overdub, and what you play is no longer recorded into the loop. You can Start and Stop a Dub any time while a loop is playing.


Zero the delay-line contents, clearing any pending echoes and loop contents.

Master Rate

Tie the Echo Delay to the system-wide Master Rate multiplied by the selected scale factor from the pop-over list below the button