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Mystic Chorus

The Chorus effect makes copies of its input sound and remixes them to the stereo field using differently modulated delays, thus simulating a chorus of nearly identical sound sources.

The Chorus output is always stereo, while its input may be either mono or stereo. To minimize CPU usage, place the Chorus at the point in your Effects Chain where the Effects are mono to the left and stereo to the right.



The Chorus Rate (performable) sets the highest frequency used in its LFOs for modulating the delay-line lengths

Master Rate

Tie the chorus rate to the system-wide Master Rate multiplied by the selected scale factor from the pop-over list below the button


The Depth parameter (performable) controls the mixture of the input sound with the delayed-and-scaled copies of itself: 0 means input only (no chorus effect), 1/2 means equal balance (maximum incidental "flanging" effects), and 1 means modulated delay-line outputs only (pure chorus effect containing only scaling, onset spreading, and decorrelated Doppler shift).


The Chorus Deviation sets the amplitude of its LFOs and therefore the range of delay-line length variation. The Deviation and Rate together determine the maximum Doppler shift applied to the sound.


The variable delays range between zero and this value